2018 Band Photo Package

2018 Band Photo Package
Bands!  I’m here for you!  That’s me all the way on the right (tiger style) posing with my band, Debajo del Agua.  Photo credit: My tripod & I.

Alright bands, here’s wussup…

I’m burning to meet and photograph more bands and musicians.  And as a musician myself, I know the struggle can be real.  As bands, we need photos for websites, festival applications, posters, promo, media, CDs, venues, records, t-shirts, social media, etc.

So I’ve created a 2018 sale for both band photo sittings and performance photography.  They’re great sales for bands who’re gaining some momentum and more recognition. 

Sale on Sittings: $150 per sitting (Reg. $250)

Here’s the main details:

-Final images available for download/full use
-Unlimited outfit changes
-Photographed on-location
-45-90 minute sittings

Sale on Performance Photography: *$125 per performance (Reg. $200)

Here’s the main details:

-Final images available for download/full use
-Photograph from audience level for most of the show
-Photograph from stage-level for 2 songs to get closeups (e.g. drummer, bassist, others tucked in the back)
-Black & White and Color

*Deposit required for either sale: $100. 
-The deposit holds the sale price for a full year with unlimited sessions.

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Church Fire performing at Lost Lake in Denver, 2017