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Contact info:
Phone/Text: 720.207.8313
Email: ric@ricurrutiaphotography.com

Hi, I’m Ric Urrutia and I’m a pro-worker, pro-union photographer.

Ric UrruitaMy passion for photography started as a kid on Long Island, New York.  Dad always threw a camera around neck and encouraged me to take pictures of him and my mom, birds, flowers, anything I wanted really.  He just loved to watch me experiment and learn.

In 2009 I decided to transition from hobbyist to professional photographer, though I’ve never abandoned that same spirit of learning and experimentation. I’ve enjoyed photographing weddings, special events, portraits, and social-justice movements, but in all subjects I use soul and truth as guiding inspirations.

Outside of my photography work, I’m also a musician and strategic corporate researcher.

As a musician I play bass for multiple projects including: Debajo del Agua, Pink Hawks, Roka Hueka, and Roots, Rice & Beans.  As a researcher, my focus is to find the weaknesses of corporations and elected officials so workers and communities can wage a mighty struggle against both.  You can follow my personal blog by clicking here.